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Bruce County Historical Society

Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Incorporated 1901 - 1915       Re-incorporated 1957

Our Society's History

The organizational meeting for a county historical society took place in the County Council Chambers, Walkerton September 16, 1901. Following Ontario Historical Society procedure, the “Bruce County Historical Society” was born. Lieutenant-Colonel A.E. Belcher of Southampton became the first president, and the Secretary-Treasurer, Curator and Editor was Norman Robertson, the County Clerk. Also elected were Vice Presidents representing the 28 townships and towns in the county. Two representatives from Saugeen First Nation attended. Membership was set at 25 cents.

The above organization was active until World War I. In 1915 it surrendered its charter. One accomplishment during that time was the publishing of The History of the County of Bruce. The basis for this book was taken from two manuscripts entered in the county competition in 1896 to write an historical essay about Bruce County. Norman Robertson wrote the book using both manuscripts, one by Robertson himself and the other by John McNabb of Southampton. As a result we have a superb first volume of our county history. Because of its wealth of information it has been reprinted by our society several times.

In 1957, an effort was made to re-establish the Bruce County Historical Society, with much success. The new president was Bruce Krug of Chesley who is still our Honorary President. Hilda Downey of Tiverton was elected Secretary, a position she held for many years. (Credit to the Bruce County Historical Society Centennial Book for the above information.)

This Centennial Book became the society's yearbook, which continues to be published each year and issued to members with their membership. The yearbooks (past and current) are also available to non-members at a reasonable price. Membership in the Bruce County Historical Society is $15 and also includes a twice annual newsletter, Bruce County Historical Notes.

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