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Military History


The 160th Bruce Battalion

Part of the proud heritage of Bruce County is our men and women who served their country in times of armed conflict. The Bruce County Library System some time ago introduced a website, Bruce County Virtual War Memorial, commemorating those from Bruce County who had given the ultimate sacrifice. A thank you to the Bruce County Library for bringing this important part of our history to us.

160th Bruce Battalion war diary
Now you can read the war diaries of one of Bruce County's finest, the 160th Bruce Battalion. The period covered is from June 1, 1917 to February 28, 1918. There is also a link at the Bruce County Virtual War Memorial.


Here's to the Boys of the 160 
A patriotic song, Here's to the Boys of the 1-6-0, was written by Muriel Farrell and dedicated to the 160th Bruce Battalion, Lieut-Col. Weir. A copy of the score is available at Library and Archives Canada (Amicus No. 17577150). You can read the lyrics here.

If you want to read more about the 160th, get a copy of Heroes in Waiting: The 160th Bruce Battalion in the Great War by Allan Bartley (Port Elgin, Ont.: Brucedale Press, 1996, 208 p.) (Amicus No. 15477972).

You might also like to track down a copy of Bruce in Khaki, containing a history of the 160th Overseas Bruce Battalion and complete nominal roll of all men who were at any time on the strength of the Battalion (James Frederick Treve & Thomas Johnston, eds.: Chesley, Ont., 1934, 82 p.) (Amicus No. 175443660), as well as a copy of Christmas Day 1916: Roster of 160th Bruce Battn. (Aldershot, 1916, 16 p.) (Amicus No. 36133929).


The 32nd Bruce Battalion

from The History of the County of Bruce by Norman Robertson

The list at the bottom of this page contains the names of all members of the Independent Companies, (the Companies of which the 32nd Bruce Battalion was composed upon its organization on the 14th of September, 1866), to whom has been awarded the Canadian General Service Medal for services rendered in the suppression of the Fenian Raid of 1866.

The 32nd Battalion was not called out on active service in 1870 and no medal, therefore, has been awarded for that year.

Among other residents in the County who received Fenian Raid medals for service in other corps than the 32nd Battalion are: Thomas Dixon, H.P. O’Connor, David Traill, John Henderson, W.A. McLean, W.A. Green, and Norman Robertson.

The following list contains the names of all members of the 32nd Regiment who have been awarded the Colonial Auxiliary Forces officers’ Decoration or Long Service Medal respectively, and whose decorations or medals have been engraved “32nd Reg’t.”

There are probably others who have been awarded the distinction, who counted time serviced in the 32nd Regiment towards the necessary qualifying of twenty years, but whose last service was performed in some other corps.

C.A.F. Officers’ Decoration
Lieut.-Colonel J.H. Scott
Surgeon-Major Dr. W.H. Martyn
P.M. and Hon.-Major J. Henderson
Captain J. Douglas
Lieut. C.A. Richards

C.A.F. Long Service Medal
P.M. and Hon.-Major A.B. Klein
Q.M. and Hon.-Major D. Robertson
Captain T. Mitchell
Q.M. Sergeant J.A. Hogg
Bandmaster D. Fisher
Sergeant C. Hurford
Sergeant H.D. Wettlaufer
Private D. Bell

Members of the 32nd Bruce Battalion
Upon its organization on the 14th of September, 1866

Robert Arnill  Joseph Harrison  Chris. Parker 
Thomas Atchison  James Hay  John Parker 
Thomas Bailey  Robert Hunter  John Pierson 
Chris R.Barker  William Hunter  John P. Quinn 
Cyrus Barnum  Robert Irving  Donald Robertson 
James Bartley  James Johns  John Robertson 
Alex. E. Belcher  John Johns  John Robinson 
Joseph Blakeway  William Johnston  Malcolm Ross 
John Boal  John Jolliffe  Pascho Saunders 
Edward Bowles  John R. Kay  Martin Schroeder 
William Boyd  David Kay  William S. Scott 
Lachlan Boyd  John H. Kean  James Scott 
William Brown  Thomas Kidd  John Sellery 
John Brown  Richard Kidd  David Shanks 
Thomas Burgess  John King  George Simpson 
James Burns  Peter Larose  William Sparrow 
John C. Byers  Thomas Levins  Henry Stanley 
Hugh Campbell  Jasper Lillie  Hugh Steele 
Richard Collins  Murdock Mackenzie  Samuel Steele 
Henry Collins  Duncan Mackenzie  William Thompson 
Edward Collins  John Magill  Richard Tranter 
Edmund Collins  James McCue  Josiah Tranter 
Thomas Collins  Thomas McCue  William Tranter 
Henry R. Collins  Alex. McDowell  William Tully 
Edward Colwell  Malcolm McGillivray  John J. Walker 
James G. Cooper  Thomas McGinnis  Levi Walker 
Donald Currie  Wm. M. McKibbin Elijah Welsford 
James Daniel  Samuel McLean  James D. Wilkie 
William Daniel  Alex. McLean  Thomas Wilson 
William H. Daniel  Wm. J. McMenemy  Alex. Wright 
Matthew Darling  Alex. McNabb   
John A. Darling  Peter McPherson   
William C. Davie  John McTaggart   
Robert Dewstow  John Merritt   
Robert Donnelly  John D. Merryfield   
Gideon Doupe  Mounty Mick   
George Elliott  John Millar   
James Fair  Andrew Millar   
William Fanning  James Millar   
Chris F. Forest  John Miller   
Thomas Fortune  William Mitchell   
John Fortune  Alex. Moffat   
Thomas Foster  Thomas Morrison   
Daniel Gossell  Vincent Mosser   
Francis Graham  Angus Munn   
George Green  Samual Nowry   
John Guest  John Nowry   
William Hall  David Ogg   
Henry Hall  Samuel B. Osborne