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Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Incorporated 1901 - 1915       Re-incorporated 1957

Bruce County History

Municipal History

See the maps page for links to fire insurance plans for some of the towns and villages.


Town of Chesley

UFO near Chesley, 1969


Town of Kincardine

Kincardine, an article in The Toronto Daily Mail, Saturday, July 29, 1893

Town of Port Elgin
Town of Southampton
Town of Walkerton

Walkerton, an article in The Toronto Daily Mail, Saturday, December 10, 1892.

Town of Wiarton


Township of Albemarle


Township of Amabel
Township of Arran


Township of Brant


Township of Bruce


Township of Carrick


Township of Culross


Township of Eastnor


Township of Elderslie


Township of Greenock


Township of Huron


Township of Kincardine

Township of Kinloss


Township of Lindsay


Township of St. Edmunds


Township of Saugeen



Village of Hepworth



Village of Lion's Head

UFO / meteorite near Lion's Head, 1978


Village of Lucknow



Village of Mildmay



Village of Paisley



Village of Ripley



Village of Tara



Village of Teeswater



Village of Tiverton